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Controlling Common Lawn Weeds: Strategies for a Weed-Free Yard

May 7, 2024

Dealing with a weed-infested yard can be annoying. Those pesky dandelions, crabgrass, and clover can quickly mess up how your lawn looks and stays healthy. But don't worry! With careful lawn care and targeted removal methods, you can eliminate existing weeds and prevent new ones from sprouting.  The best approach is to grow thick and robust grass to keep weeds away. When your grass is dense, it crowds out the weeds and makes it ...

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Common Mid-Missouri Pests During Fall

October 22, 2022

As fall sets in and the temperature drops, many pests can become more rampant in your home. While some may serve a purpose within your property, like feeding on other pests, others can be harmful and need to be removed. For example, brown recluse extermination is necessary, as these types of spiders are venomous. Here is a helpful list of some common fall pests to look out for:   Wasps When fall comes, wasps start to ...

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Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs

September 10, 2022

Bed bugs can find their way onto your furniture, clothes, or belongings from anywhere outside of your home. They are easily transferable between people and places, which makes any home susceptible to infestation. An inspection should be scheduled at the first sighting of a bed bug or their bite to ensure the infestation does not continue to grow. If necessary, they may also proceed to eliminate bed bugs in your home. Still, some insects that ...

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Why Is Pest Control Crucial for Restaurants?

August 7, 2022

Keeping your establishment clean and pest-free is crucial to its success; no one wants to see pests in their restaurant. The presence of insects and rodents in these places can lead to severe consequences, from damaged reputation to financial losses. Specifically, here are some of the reasons why restaurant pest control is essential: Pests Cause Health Hazards When pests are found in your restaurant, you will get low ratings on a safety inspection. This is ...

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Reasons Why You Should Leave Termite Treatment to the Professionals

July 11, 2022

Often, the first instinct of the modern homeowner when it comes to fixing issues around their house is to go online and search for a do-it-yourself solution. While you can mend and remedy most problems with a hands-on approach, one thing that's best left to the experts is termite control and management. Compared to rats and cockroaches, the wood-boring insects pose severe problems not only to you and your family but also to your ...

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Most Common Types of House Spiders

June 3, 2022

Spiders are everyday pests in American households. The eight-legged creatures typically frequent bathrooms, attics, and basements, though they can also be prevalent in other parts of your home. While most types of house spiders are non-venomous, you should be wary of a few poisonous species. Knowing the common variations, like the brown recluse, will help you with spider identification and removal should you see one. Brown Recluse Within the Loxosceles species, the brown recluse holds ...

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How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

May 6, 2022

Compared to other pests, ants are pretty harmless. Black ants, among the most common species, aren't aggressive enough to bite humans and are primarily preoccupied with gathering food for their colony. However, it doesn't change the fact that they are pests. Ants can be a major annoyance, especially when prevalent inside your home. The little creatures are also known to spread bacteria, which can become a health hazard if left unchecked. With these ...

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Spring Lawn Care Tips and Checklist

April 18, 2022

Springtime spells a fresh start for many things, including the growth of greenery in your yard. If you want to have a beautiful, well-groomed lawn by the summer, you'll best take good care of your landscape early. You can call spring lawn care services, but you can also take a DIY approach if you don't mind a little soil on your hands. Caring for your lawn in spring has its fair share of ...

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Tips for Inspecting a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Office

February 25, 2022

Finding signs of a bed bug infestation at home is a nuisance, but seeing traces in the office can breed potential disaster. The presence of bloodsucking insects in the workplace can make employees uncomfortable. Plus, the worst-case scenario, tiny tick bites and red skin sores aside, is for the unwanted guests to hinder work productivity. If you decide to be proactive and look for bed bugs in the workplace, here are some tips to help ...

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How To Keep Rodents Away During Winter

December 1, 2021

Wintertime is a season filled with holiday parties with family and friends. For humans, that is. Other wild creatures, such as rodents, scamper out in the cold while looking for food and shelter. Rats and raccoons, in particular, are on the hunt for warmth and edible scraps. And your well-decorated home is prime real estate for their freezing little paws. If four-legged pests have decided to camp inside your house or yard, there's no ...

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