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We offer solutions to keep your yard healthy, green, and growing strong!

Growing Green Lawn Program 

Our six step program focuses on fertilization and broadleaf weed control to ensure that your yard is receiving all the necessary nutrients to be at its healthiest state! The 6 steps are as follows:  

  • Early Spring – This treatment creates a barrier against weeds and gives a nitrogen boost to start the yard looking very green this season! 
  • Mid-Spring – This treatment focuses on contact treating any broadcast weeds that may find their way in the yard.
  • Early Summer – This treatment jumpstarts the plant systems with super nutrients to protect their strength as temperatures begin to rise.
  • Late Summer – This treatment has another nitrogen boost to keep the yard from yellowing in the heat; This one also includes a grub treatment.
  • Fall – This treatment is another nutrient shot and an additional broadcast weed application.
  • Winter – The final application of the season is high nitrogen and a slow release nutrient blend to protect the plant systems and keep them ready to sprout the next season! 

​We will come back in between any scheduled services to ensure your lawn is healthy and address any special needs.

Aeration and Overseeding
We recommend fall aeration and overseeding to every customer with a lawn because it improves the overall health of your yard in many aspects. By reducing how compact the soil is, and by breaking through thatch, we create a more porous system which allows for water, oxygen, and nutrients to be better  absorbed into root systems!

Disease Control
We can suppress and prevent damage to costly lawn diseases.

We can  provide one time services upon request.

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Lawn Pest Control
If you are interested in protecting your lawn against pests, visit our residential pest control page and read about the Stop The Bites program. 

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Which Package Is Right for You?

Growing Green Lawn Program
Crabgrass Yes
Weeds Yes
Grubs Yes
Fertilizer Yes
Winterization Yes
Lime Yes
Nuisance Insects (Ticks, Chiggers, Fleas) No

We do offer additional lawn services such as Sprinkler System Winterization, Flowerbed Pre-Emergent, Soil Sampling, Dethatching, and Fungicide treatments.

We will come back in between any scheduled service to ensure your lawn is healthy and address any special requests.