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Lawn Care Services in Columbia, MO by Wingate Pest & Lawn

Let’s face it. We all hate pests. They only cause harm unto anything and everyone, at any given moment, without prior notice. Your lawn is no exception. Keeping it green and healthy is one of the many ways you can avoid pest infestations all year long. It’s why we offer excellent lawn care services in Columbia, MO. Our team at Wingate Pest & Lawn can help you deal with all kinds of pests that destroy your lawn. We also offer lawn fertilization service, aeration, and other lawn care solutions. Contact us for more information.

Lawn Care Beyond Compare

For more than 45 years, we have been providing a wide range of lawn care services in Columbia, MO. These include the following:

Lawn Aeration

Our lawn aeration service can help reduce thatch, increasing turf rooting and the flow of water and nutrients into the soil.

Broadleaf Weed
Controls dandelions, chickweed and dozens of other broadleaf weeds.

Crabgrass Management
This service controls the invasion of crabgrass along with many other annual kinds of grass and weeds.

Disease Control
We can suppress and prevent damage to costly lawn diseases.

We perform a customized program of both quick and slow release granular fertilizers. Proper fertilization is the basis of a beautiful lawn.

Grub Control
This is a season-long control of sub-surface feeding insects including Grubs and Bill Bug Larva.

Scarface Insect Management
For the control of surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs and webworms, you may want this service.

Residential and Integrated Pest Control
Our treatment programs protect your home and workplace from pests such as rats, roaches, mites, termites, and other bugs. We offer several packages for residential pest control, such as one-time treatment, perimeter pest control plan, perimeter plus plan, and our Stop-The-Bites program. 

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM), on the other hand, aims to eliminate vermin in commercial spaces through inspection, monitoring, identification, and targeted pest control.

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Which Package Is Right for You?

Growing Green Lawn Program
Crabgrass Yes
Weeds Yes
Grubs Yes
Fertilizer Yes
Winterization Yes
Lime Yes
Nuisance Insects (Ticks, Chiggers, Fleas) No

We do offer additional lawn services such as Sprinkler System Winterization, Flowerbed Pre-Emergent, Soil Sampling, Dethatching, and Fungicide treatments.

We will come back in between any scheduled service to ensure your lawn is healthy and address any special requests.

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Seasonal Services 

  • Early Spring – Pre-Emergence
  • Mid-Spring – Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer
  • Early Summer – Fertilizer with Grub Control
  • Late Summer – Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer
  • Fall – Fertilizer with Lime
  • Winterizer

​To schedule your FREE lawn no-obligation estimate for service in Columbia, MO and surrounding areas, please contact us or call us at 573-446-0102.

We will come back in between any scheduled services to insure your lawn is healthy and address any special needs.