Get Rid Of Unwanted Animals From Your Property

Animal Control Columbia MO | Squirrel Laying on the Floor

Animal Control Services in Mid-Missouri

Bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and even skunks can make your home and property into their home! Any animals can cause extreme damage to the property, harm to your pets, and can bring diseases around you and your family. If you notice areas of activity or unusual noises in your attic, under your deck, or anywhere around your residence, call for a free inspection. Our trained team will identify the issue, create a plan of action tailored for your home, and give free recommendations as well as our estimate to do any professional exclusion or trapping that may be needed! 

Animal Control Columbia MO | Squirrel Laying on the Porch

What you can do to prevent unwanted

animals on your property: 

Although you need a professional to help once an animal becomes a pest on your property, there are measures that you can take to deter this from happening it the first place! These methods include but are not limited to the following:

  • Eliminate Sources of Food and Shelter by taking out your covered trash regularly on trash day, removing brush and leaf piles, making bird feeders inaccessible to crawling animals and keeping firewood storage away from the home. 
  • Cut back vegetation to keep Shrubbery and Plants Away From Rooflines, Foundations, and Exterior Walls
  • Seal exterior entry points on chimneys, vents, along rooflines and under patios 


While there are many things you can do to help reduce the possibility of unwanted pests in your yard or house, they may still appear.  For any animal issue you are having, call us at 573-446-0102 for a free inspection to get our professional recommendations on animal control and prevention.