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Creepy, crawly pests are and will always be a nuisance to any person. Your home should be a place of comfort, where you and your loved ones feel safe and relaxed at all times. However, when you find unwanted insects and nasty critters inside of it, you will feel as though you have lost control. When this problem arises, be sure to contact a pest control company in Columbia, MO.

You suddenly become uncomfortable in your home, which is often considered as the single largest investment a person will make. The same idea applies to your workplace, where pests and insects can hinder your employee’s productivity and peace of mind.

A Pest-Free Life Starts Here

Don’t lose sleep over the thought of pests, insects, and other vexations in what should be your place of comfort or productivity. Here at Wingate Pest & Lawn, we offer excellent pest control services. We can help protect your home or workplace from pests of any kind.

Learn more about various pest control services that you can get from our company. We offer bedbug removal, termite extermination, mosquito control, residential pest control, and integrated pest management. Lawn care services and animal control services are also available upon request!

Meet Our Satisfied Clients

“We live in a wooded area and since we contacted Wingate, we have been Termite and pest free and would recommend them to anyone.”

- Jessica

“Wanted to compliment an employee for his personable, great customer service yesterday. We have been your customer for many years and one of the things we appreciate most are your PEOPLE. Everyone we have had in-person or phone contact with has always been welcoming and friendly, and that is one of the things that led us to trust you. Employee is no exception. He spent a few extra minutes talking to me and getting to know him just strengthened our resolve in why we remain with Wingate. Thanks for your service, but most importantly, thanks for taking such care in selecting your team!”

- Todd

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