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How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

May 6, 2022

Compared to other pests, ants are pretty harmless. Black ants, among the most common species, aren't aggressive enough to bite humans and are primarily preoccupied with gathering food for their colony. However, it doesn't change the fact that they are pests.

Ants can be a major annoyance, especially when prevalent inside your home. The little creatures are also known to spread bacteria, which can become a health hazard if left unchecked. With these things in mind, taking steps to clear out the insects from your home will benefit you and your family.

This ant treatment guide will help you get rid of the individual insects and their colony. For severe cases, be sure to call an ant pest control company.

Use Food Traps With Ant Bait

The prime responsibility of scout ants is to search for food to bring back to their colony. Instead of simply stepping on the insects whenever you see one, you can use them as a means to eradicate their colony.

Here's a thing to know about ants: their tastes cycle throughout the year. Protein is favored by the colony during the spring, while sweets and fats are preferred in the summer. With these details in mind, you can bait ants by using suitable food items depending on the season, such as fruit jam or peanut butter.

Add a small amount of liquid or powder ant bait on food traps you place around your home. This way, there's a good chance of ants spreading the toxic substance when they return to their nests, which can wipe out the entire colony.

Derail the Pheromone Trail

Scout ants leave a pheromone trail so that worker ants can follow each other to and from their colony. They leave this trail behind, becoming a regular path whenever the ants need to forage. You can use a homemade ant treatment to erase the trail and keep ants from coming indoors for food.

Combine one part vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle. Use the solution to spray and clean any existing trails in your home.

Eliminate the Nest with Insecticide

If you find ants crawling out of the seams of your walls, doors, or windows, odds are there's an ant nest inside them. Aside from small hills, the colony often nests in holes, cracks, and gaps around your home. Be sure to spray the nest and its surrounding surface with an insecticide that contains bifenthrin, a chemical effective against most ant species.

Get Ant Treatment from Professional Pest Control Services

If you have infestation problems, call an expert ant pest control team. Reach out to Wingate Pest & Lawn and talk to our team about your infestation issues. You can choose from our range of pest control services, including a one-time treatment option and a perimeter pest control plan. We'll help you clear out the colony, so you can enjoy living in an ant-free home.