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Halloween Decoration Safety Tips To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

October 10, 2023

decorating for halloween

As fall approaches, we begin to embrace the joy of Halloween and all the spooky decor it brings. But amidst the fun of decorating our homes, we must also consider the potential for unwanted pests to infiltrate our Halloween displays. This article will provide you with essential tips to ensure your Halloween decorations stay pest-free.

  1. Mix Things Up with Nature and Artificial Décor

When selecting Halloween decorations, it's essential to strike a balance between natural and artificial elements. While natural items like leaves and twigs can add an authentic touch, they can also attract pests. Consider incorporating artificial alternatives for a safer and pest-resistant display. This mix will allow you to maintain the desired spooky ambiance while keeping Halloween bugs at bay.

  1. Protecting Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkins are a quintessential part of Halloween, but they can also attract unwanted pests. To safeguard your carved pumpkins from insects and critters, try lightly rubbing them down with vinegar before carving. The smell of vinegar acts as a natural deterrent for Halloween bugs and squirrels.

Sprinkling dog hair around your Halloween display can also deter critters from approaching. Its smell may keep squirrels and other critters away from your Halloween decorations due to their natural instincts to fear the predator.

  1. Don’t Carve Pumpkins Too Early

While pumpkins are a great outdoor decoration, they are also susceptible to pest infestations. To prevent ants, roaches, and other insects from nibbling on your carved pumpkins, consider delaying your carving party until the week of Halloween.

  1. Pack Your Decorations Properly

After the Halloween festivities are over, proper packing of your decorations is crucial to prevent pests from finding a new home. As you remove outdoor decorations, thoroughly inspect them to ensure they haven't become a breeding ground for sneaky guests. Remove any spiderwebs or debris that may have accumulated. Pumpkins should be discarded before they start to rot, as they can attract insects.

When storing your decorations, opt for sealed containers or plastic storage tubs. Cardboard boxes are easily accessible but offer little protection against invasive critters. Plastic tubs keep your decor safe from pests and allow for easy retrieval year after year. Before bringing them out the following Halloween season, check for signs of chewing on the outside of the tubs, which indicate potential pest activity.

Contact Pest Control Professionals in Mid-Missouri

This Halloween season, safeguard your home and decorations with proper pest prevention measures. If you encounter any pest issues, seek professional help from reliable pest control services. Their expertise will address any infestations and provide valuable guidance to keep your home pest-free throughout the year.

Don't let pests spoil the magic of Halloween. Contact Wingate Pest & Lawn in Mid-Missouri today for effective residential pest control solutions.