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Pests That Can Ruin Your Summer Backyard BBQ

July 18, 2023

Summer is ideal for engaging in outdoor activities and gatherings, including barbecues. As you prepare for fun outdoor activities, remember that summer is also the season when more pests and insects frolic around, so yard pest control is more vital. The following are the most common pests that can ruin your summer BBQ.


Barbecues during the summertime can easily be disrupted by mosquitoes, making these events less enjoyable for everyone. It can be quite difficult for guests to fully enjoy their food and drinks when they are constantly bothered by mosquitoes' persistent buzzing and biting.

Place and light citronella candles around your deck or patio to help prevent mosquitoes from gathering during your BBQ party. Doing so can reduce the number of persistent pests in the area. Another effective way to reduce mosquito populations is through routine lawn pest treatments.


Ants are tiny insects that can quickly get into your food and drinks; they make it difficult for everyone to enjoy their meal without having to worry about sharing their food. Once they find a food source, they quickly swarm and start crawling all over it. On top of the unpleasantry of seeing them crawl around your food, they can also contaminate your meals with their saliva. This can lead to food poisoning and other health hazards.


During a BBQ, flies can be a major nuisance as they buzz around and land on food and drinks. They can carry harmful bacteria and germs on their bodies, contaminating everything they land on. This can lead to illnesses such as diarrhea and vomiting. Keep food and drinks covered and dispose of waste properly to prevent flies from ruining your BBQ party.


Wasps can be an unwelcome guest at your summer barbecue and can easily put a damper on your outdoor activity. Their stings can also be painful and dangerous for those who are allergic. One way to keep wasps away is to avoid leaving food and drinks uncovered for extended periods. Wasps are attracted to sugary substances and will swarm around anything sweet, so keep your desserts and beverages covered until you're ready to serve them.

Get Rid of Summer Pests With Wingate Pest & Lawn

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