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What To Do When Spiders Invade Your House and Car

October 8, 2021

Spiders can be typically found in dark, damp, and cool places inside and outside your home. They can be spotted under your sinks, garages, and in basements. They breed during the fall months when the weather is cooler, and that’s when infestations occur.

Getting Rid of Spiders

The best way to control a spider infestation is to hire pest control experts for residential pest management services. But you can do some things on your own.

A good step to eliminating spiders is to cut off their food supply. By eliminating insects from your home, spiders will not have prey to eat, so they die off or find food elsewhere. On top of this, you can also remove things that make excellent habitats for insects; piles of wood, dead plants, and overgrown grass are a few examples. Here are other tips to control a spider infestation in your home and car:

Spiders in Your Car

You can apply spider repellants in your car to keep those critters away from your ride. Spraying the interior of your vehicle with peppermint or citrus essential oils diluted in water can draw these arachnids out and drive them away. Spiders hate their strong smell. Store-bought repellants work as well. If you’re up to it, you can also catch them manually and release them somewhere else.

After that, make sure to declutter and clean your car regularly to eliminate waste that may attract bugs and spiders. This way, they don’t come back in your car. Vacuuming is a good way to start. It removes dust, dirt, webs, as well as spiders and their eggs.

Spiders in Your Home 

A house is so much bigger than a car, so you need a more efficient way to get rid of spiders. The easiest thing to do is to use household pesticides. Make sure to buy the ones that are safe to use indoors to avoid exposure to strong chemicals.

And just like in your car, it’s important to keep your home tidy and clean to eliminate not just spiders, but other pests that can bring harm to you and your family.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you want the fastest and most effective way to remove these pests, then you should seek the help of pest control services. Wingate Pest & Lawn LLC in Columbia, MO can help you protect your home from pest infestations such as spiders, ants, termites, and fleas. Call us today!