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How To Prevent Mice From Coming Into Your Office

January 19, 2022

Here are some tips to prevent mice from coming into your office.

Mice are attracted to sources of food and shelter. This is why the little rodents lurk in most houses. But every once in a while, you may notice mice running around—not at home—but inside your workplace. As your office is a professional space, the presence of vermin can disrupt the environment. Rodents skittering across work stations and the pantry also present a sanitary hazard to employees.

If you want to know how to prevent mice from coming into your office, this handy guide is for you. Learn several DIY tips to reduce and manage the appearance of pesky little rodents in your workspace. If you have severe mice infestations, it’s advisable to get help from a commercial pest management company.

Don’t Eat On Your Workstation

Rodents gravitate toward food, whether at home, outdoors, or in your office. Whenever you eat on your work desk, you basically call mice towards the delicious scent of your meal. And, leaving crumbs or leftovers will definitely attract these pests to your workstation. If possible, avoid eating your lunch or snacks on your desk. But if it’s unavoidable, make sure to clean up thoroughly afterward.

Store Food in Plastic Containers

When stowing snacks in the office, it is recommended to store them in plastic containers. Aside from keeping your food fresh, the air-tight storage also prevents mice from detecting the food’s scent.

Clean Your Dining Utensils

The end of your work shift brings a sigh of relief. But before going home, wash your eating utensils and store them properly. Don't leave your dirty plates, cups, and silverware undealt with overnight. Mice find any food appealing, including residue on your office's dining utensils.

Observe Proper Garbage Disposal

Mice, rats, and other pests raid typically raid garbage containers to look for food. If you have a personal trash bin inside your cubicle, make it a habit to empty your garbage at the end of your shift. This reduces the chances of rodents messing around your trash can.

Ask a Professional To Help With Your Mice Problem

Preventing vermin from entering the office can make the workflow smoother; no more droppings near the coffee machine or uninvited “guests” in meetings. If you need help with mice infestations, contact Wingate Pest & Lawn LLC, one of the best pest control companies in Columbia. We specialize in residential and commercial pest management, animal control, termite treatments, and lawn care services.