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Top 5 Termite Signs To Look For in Your Home

July 1, 2021


Termites are one of the most common pest problems experienced by homeowners. They usually feed on are wood, cardboard, paper, and even cotton. According to the University of Kentucky’s Entomology Department, they cause billions worth of property damage in the United States each year. As such, it’s important to detect signs of termites as early as possible. Here are some of the common indications there is termite activity in your home:

Damaged Wood

One of the most noticeable signs there are termites in the area is when there is wood damage found in the ceiling, walls, floors, and furniture of your home. This is because these pests chew on them. If it continues, it will eventually weaken the wood, leading to a total structural collapse. If you also notice that your walls sound hollow or papery, it is because of termites consuming the wood from the inside out.

Discarded Wings

If you see fallen termite wings around your windows, doors, and other entry points, then there might be swarms of termites in your home. Termites purposely twist off their wings when they land on a surface, as they won’t need it anymore.

Indications of Mud Tubes

Mud tubes act as the house of termites within your home. These pests build these near the foundations of your house to protect and provide moisture for them. It’s easy to spot these pencil-sized tubes as subterranean termites make them using soil and termite droppings.

Blisters on the Wood Flooring

Termite damage on your wooden flooring looks similar to water damage due to the appearance of blisters. These may also emerge in wooden walls or door frames as subterranean termites continue to feed within or below these parts of your house. That is why if you notice such damage on your floor, call a specialist to check for any termite activity.

Termite Droppings

Termite droppings are also called frass or pellets, and these are the feces of drywood termites. Unlike the subterranean species, they like to push their feces out of small holes in the wood to keep their nests free of any poop. As such, if you see these droppings in a particular area in your house, that is clear evidence of termite infestation.

Experts in Pest Control

These are just some of the visible indications that point to signs of termites in your home. The best option to solve this issue is to use a termite treatment that can eliminate these pests. Call Wingate Pest & Lawn to hire our experts who can get this job done for you. We use effective pest control that is not only environmentally friendly but is also safe for your kids and pets. Book our service today!