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Keep Snakes Away From Your Property With These Snake Control Tips

March 4, 2021

As the cold weather arrives, so do unwanted animals seeking shelter and warmth on your property. This is especially true for snakes who are cold-blooded and can’t regulate their body temperature. Snakes find their way into garages, basements, crawlspaces, and even car engines. When this happens, animal control or snake control is required to safely remove the animal from the premises.

Now that you’re aware that snakes might hide in your place, the next question is how do you keep that from happening? Here are some snake removal tips to keep them out of your property.

Landscape Management

Rodents are drawn to overgrown landscaping and tall grass. Snakes who feed on rodents will naturally show up where their food can be found in abundance. Keep your grass mowed and your landscape well maintained to reduce the rodent population and keep snakes away.

Repel Them

Ammonia can function as a snake removal agent as snakes hate its smell and won’t come near it. Soak rags in ammonia and place them where you usually see snakes to drive them away. If you have a pool, you can use white vinegar to keep snakes away from it. Pour white vinegar on the area surrounding the pool. This will help deter snakes as they can absorb vinegar through their skin.

Lock Them Out

Another helpful snake removal option is to lock them out. Unlike other animals, snakes can’t chew their way into your property. As such, they can only take advantage of existing openings such as gaps, open windows, cracks, etc. To prevent snakes from slithering into your property, carefully examine and seal any openings that they may use.

Professional Services

The best way to avoid snakes is to keep them out in the first place. However, there may come a time when one finds its way into your abode. When that happens, it’s best to leave the snake removal to the professionals. Dealing with snakes is incredibly dangerous to do on your own. It’s in your best interest to contact a professional snake control company that can safely trap and remove the unwanted visitor from your home. 

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