Termite Inspection Jefferson City, MO

inspect for termites missouriFor residential and commercial property owners in Jefferson City, Missouri, a termite infestation can be disastrous. These pests devour wooden structures, which results in sagging floors, weakened support beams, and other damage. It’s important to address this problem as soon as possible to avoid further destruction.

However, termites do their dirty work out of sight, so it isn’t always obvious if there’s an infestation in your property. You should keep an eye out for signs of a termite activity, so you can quickly come up with an appropriate solution.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

  • Unusual Sounds Are Coming From the Walls – If you put your ear close to the wall and you hear soft clicking or rusting noises, it could mean that worker termites are munching away at the wood. These pests are noisy eaters, so hearing these sounds are a red flag.

You might also hear rattling sounds, which are made by soldier termites when they are disturbed or threatened. They bang their heads against the walls of tunnels to warn the colony of danger, which results in the noise. You might not be able to see the termites invading your property, but you can definitely hear them.

  • Doors and Windows Are Stiff and Difficult to Open – When termites eat and tunnel through doors and window frames, they produce moisture, which causes the wood to warp. This results in tightly fitting windows and doors that are hard to open. If you find that you’re having a tough time opening windows and doors, termites could be the culprit.
  • The Wood Sounds Hollow When You Tap It – These unwelcome pests eat wood inside out until only a thin layer of wood is left behind. If you tap on the area of the wood that has termite damage, you will notice that instead of sounding thick and solid, it sounds hollow. The hollow sound could indicate that the wood inside has been eaten away.
  • You See Piles of Brown Pellets – To keep their tunnels clean, termites create holes where they remove their excrement. Their droppings, which are called frass, pile up to form mounds of brown pellets that look like sawdust or coffee grounds. If you notice a pile of brown pellets anywhere in your property, it could be a sign that you’re facing a termite infestation.
  • There Are Mud Tubes Near Your Property’s Foundation – Termites build tunnel-like structures that they use to travel between their colony and their food source. Usually found near the foundation, these mud tubes are made out of soil as well as termite saliva and feces.

Tunnels that have been freshly built usually have a dark brown color while older mud tubes are tan. If you see dark brown mud tubes, it’s likely that it is an active tunnel that termites use to connect underground nests to the wood in your property.

To check if it is an active mud tube, you can break open a section of it. If it is full of soldiers and workers, you may have a serious infestation in your hands.

Keep Pests Off Your Property

If you’re not a trained termite inspector, it can still be very difficult to determine if there’s a termite infestation even if you know the signs to look out for. To make sure if the wooden components of your property are being devoured by pests, turn to Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC.

We provide a wide range of services, such as termite inspections, treatment plans, and other measures to protect your property from unwanted critters. To learn more about what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be glad to answer your questions.