Steve’s Pest Control Columbia, MO

termite inspect in columbiaThere are quite a few pest control companies in Missouri. Two of the most reputable ones are Steve’s Pest Control and Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC. Both companies offer excellent pest control services. Let us convince you why you should pick Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC over Steve’s Pest Control in Columbia, MO.

Why Choose Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC for Pest Control in


Our team at Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC is better equipped to protect your investment from rodents, termites, and other pests. Our company has served Missouri homeowners and business entities for more than 45 years. We do our utmost best to provide Columbia, MO the service it deserves.

Here are other reasons why Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC is the better choice:

  • Less Chemical Use

We use 40% fewer chemicals than our competitors in Missouri. We aim to use only FDA-labeled products for safer treatments.

  • Safe Treatments

If you have plants, pets, kids, or elderly in your Missouri home or business, we can assure you that our treatments will not cause them harm. You can even opt to stay at home and continue doing your daily activities while we do the treatment. The only time we will require you to be away from home is for flea treatments.

  • Pesticide-Free Options

If you prefer a service that does not involve pesticides, we offer a one-time service as well as perimeter plans that can help you have a year-round, pest-free environment at your Missouri home. 

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We use a tailored integrated pest management program for a long-term, environment-friendly pest control system for your home or business in Missouri. It involves the use of an array of technological and management practices. 

  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

If you have just started to build your home or business in Missouri, you can prevent termite infestation better. You could save money on repairs in the future if your Missouri home or business has been pre-treated for termites. There are multiple treatments available for your home or business in Columbia, MO.

  • RX Bedbug Heat Elimination System

For bed bug treatments, we also use RX Bedbug Heat Elimination System like some Missouri companies but the difference is, our treatments are cheaper. We assure you that the infested area will be free of bed bugs. On top of that, adjacent rooms will also be treated with no additional charge.  

  • Online Scheduling Service

For an easy scheduling of your pest control and other services in Missouri, you can reach us through the net. In just a few minutes, you can protect you home in Columbia, MO. You can book a service while at work, on vacation, or in between your busy schedule.

  • Online Payment Service

With us, you have the choice to pay online. With easier payment options, pest control services have never been this convenient in Missouri. You can also sign up for online billing.

  • Discounts and Freebies

Our perimeter plans for your Missouri home and business can come with a free annual termite inspection and in-between services. We also give discounts on mole trapping, mite, flea, pantry pest, tick, mosquito, bedbug, and lawn pest treatment and more! 

  • Online Pest Identification

You can send us a picture of the pests online and we can identify what it is for you. Whether it is seasonal insects and animals or home pests in Missouri, we can determine its kind.

  • No Contracts

We do not require you to sign a contract. We can start working on the pest problem immediately. If you are not satisfied with our work and we have not been able to fix your pest issue, you can choose not to continue with our services. We guarantee quality pest control in Missouri and we work for our clients’ trust.

What Makes Us Different From Other Pest Control Companies in Missouri

Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC is more than just a traditional pest control service provider. With our commitment to serving Missouri, we are able to provide other services that will help protect your property. These include lawn care, animal control, and snow removal services. Additionally, we educate individuals about our line of work.

Here are some details about the other services we offer in Missouri that Steve’s Pest Control do not:

  • Animal Control Services

If there are more than just insects in your lawn, house, or business in Columbia, MO, you can rely on us to help fix the situation. Snakes, rodents, and other unwanted animals can be prevented from taking over your property. Request our service and we will eliminate the unwelcomed wildlife in your Missouri place.

  • Lawn Care Services

You no longer need to call two Missouri companies for your lawn maintenance and pet control dilemma. We do not only make sure that your lawns in Missouri are pest-free but we also ensure that they are well-maintained.

We offer seasonal services and packages for our clients in Columbia, MO and surrounding areas. Some of the services we offer in Missouri include:

  • Crabgrass Management
  • Scarface Insect Management
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Snow Removal Services in Missouri

Another unique service that the company offers in Missouri is snow removal. We have snow and ice management for Missouri homes and businesses. We perform snow plowing, shoveling, salting or deicing, and snow blowing in Missouri.

We also have pet-friendly options for our snow removal services. You can contact us for emergency snow removal, for a one-time service, or a full-winter service in Columbia, MO. 

  • Educational Presentations

We are also open to sharing our knowledge on pest and animal control in Missouri schools and other educational institutions. Our team can go for a presentation about different kinds of pests, animal and pest control, and the pest management industry in Missouri.

Contact Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC

Eliminte all the creepy crawlies in your home and business by choosing Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC. We are a company screened and approved by Home Advisor. Our company guarantees professional, safe, and effective treatments every time. Our staff is not only well-trained at what they do, but they also embody exemplary customer service. We are trained to protect your homes and businesses from insect invaders.

Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC accommodates requests with kindness and respect. You can choose from different pest control plans available. We can also offer you a Lifetime Termite Warranty. Our Missouri company caters to Ashland, Centralia, Columbia, Harrisburg, Hallsville, Rocheport, Jefferson City, and surrounding areas. For more information about our pest control and other services, contact us in Columbia, MO today!