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jefferson city pestsTermites can ruin your lifetime investment in a matter of months. Protect your property in Jefferson City, MO from these pests. Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC can help you prevent and exterminate termites at home. We also provide preconstruction termite treatment to better protect your house. With our effective methods, your home can be termite-free.

How to Prevent Termites From Entering Your Home in

Jefferson City, MO

Aside from pre-construction treatment, there are other ways on how to prevent termites from damaging your most precious property. You can avoid a termite infestation in your home by following these important steps:

  • Remove Damp Wood Near Your Home

The damp wood near your house may have colonies of termites living in it. Placing it near or inside your house will give these termites access to all the cellulose in your house (e.g., wood and some clothes).

  • Reduce Moisture

Repair pipes and taps to prevent moisture from accumulating in your house. Moisture attracts subterranean termites. Make sure there is proper ventilation inside the house to avoid high humidity. 

  • Discard or Move Termite Food Sources

Throw out any cellulose material like chopped wood around your house. A crawlspace can be home for termites so remove all the cellulose materials inside. 

  • Seal Off Access Points

Cracks near windows, gas and water lines, and other points should be sealed off to avoid termites from crawling in and making colonies.

  • Avoid Ground to Wood Contact

A wooden foundation in your Missouri homes is not the best idea. Termites can access it easily and crawl to other parts of your house. Wood should be at least six inches off the ground to prevent termite infestation. Using concrete as your house’s base is better.

  • Have Annual Termite Inspections

Calling your local pest control company in Jefferson City, MO for an annual inspection is one way of maintaining your house. Termites live in dark places and tend to be hidden, making it harder for you to know if your house is infested. 

How to Identify Termite Infestation

If you suspect that termites may have made their way in, you can look for colonies at your house. To help you detect them, here are some signs that termites have already invaded your house:

  • Discarded Wings

Termites discard their wings when they start to swarm. You can see dead termites, termite droppings, and wings near the area where they make colonies.

  • Small Holes

You will see holes which are similar to ant holes. However, termite holes have mud tunnels that look like worms on the walls’ surface.

  • Rattling Sounds on the Walls

This is a way for them to send signals to other termites when there is danger. They bang their heads against the wood to make noise. These sensitive creatures can detect vibrations using their antennae and legs. 

  • Hard to Open Windows or Doors

The wood becomes warped because of the moisture termites produce when making tunnels and eating. This makes it hard to open termite-infested doors and windows. 

  • Sawdust Near Walls or Furniture

Frass or termite excrements can also be found around holes and cracks of walls around your home. These are sure signs of termites.

  • Cracks or Bubbles on Painted Walls

When termite tunnels are created near the surface of the walls, cracks will start to form on the paint. This means colonies have already formed inside the wall. 

  • Hollow Walls

By knocking on solid walls, you will be able to check if the wall is already infected. If you notice a hollow sound, then there is a high chance you have termites on your wall.

  • Damaged Foundation and Crawl Space

The foundation inside and outside should be inspected. Termites from the soil usually start in the foundation of your home. They also tend to live beneath your house, so checking the crawl space and support piers is advisable.

Have Termites Invaded Your Missouri Home?

Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC has the solution for you. We can eliminate your termite problem! We have well-trained pest control staff who can provide a tailored plan for your home’s termite protection. On top of this, our materials and products have 40 percent less chemicals and are environment-friendly. Our team will make sure your pets, plants, and kids are safe. 

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