Lawn Care Columbia, MO

columbia mo lawnA beautiful, well-groomed yard is the pride and joy of many property owners in Missouri. However, caring for your lawn takes time and effort. You need to hire lawn care experts to help you maintain your yard in MO. Lawn care services each have their own benefits, which you should keep in mind to ensure that your yard gets what it needs.

Benefits of Different MO Lawn Care Services


An essential part of caring for your lawn is regular mowing. There are two main reasons why you should be mowing your lawn as often as needed.

The first purpose of mowing is to keep your lawn looking aesthetically pleasing. Without proper mowing, grass will look long, messy, and rough. This ruins the classy, polished look of your property. Caring for your lawn by mowing it regularly keeps the grass lush, even, and neat, so your yard looks its best.

Another benefit of mowing your lawn is that it helps keep the grass healthy and free from weeds. Mowing regularly so that each blade of grass stays at the ideal height allows nutrients from the sun and water to be distributed evenly throughout the yard.

Putting Mulch

Placing mulch on your lawn is an important part of caring for your yard in MO. Mulch is material that is laid over the soil. By putting mulch on your lawn, you are creating a protective barrier that preserves moisture. Putting mulch is a MO lawn care task that is beneficial during hot, dry seasons. This lawn service helps prevent your plants from getting dehydrated.

Mulch also helps improve the condition of your garden’s soil. Organic mulch decomposes and releases nutrients into the soil of your yard in MO. Lawn care using mulch makes a huge difference in the health of your plants.

You can use organic mulch, such as bark, leaves, wood chips. There are also inorganic mulches that don’t decompose and don’t need to be replaced often. Choose the kind of mulch that suits your lawn’s needs.


Pruning is another important part of lawn care in Columbia, MO. Trimming the branches from your plants seems counterproductive, but pruning actually helps them stay healthy and grow thicker.

Through pruning, you can remove dead or dying parts. This prevents insects and decomposing organisms from attacking the living, healthy parts. Pruning also helps you shape the plant, improve airflow, and allow more light to penetrate. 

Proper pruning has many benefits. However, you can’t just cut any part you want when you’re pruning your plant. Pruning too many parts or cutting the wrong branches can cause more harm than good. If you’ve never done pruning before, it’s better to entrust the task to a lawn care expert. A professional who is highly experienced with pruning will know which parts to cut in order to ensure the healthy growth of your plants.

Professional Lawn Care in Columbia, MO

When you need lawn service assistance from skilled experts, turn to Wingate Pest and Lawn LLC. We help you with your lawn service needs, such as mowing, putting mulch, pruning, and trimming. Let us take care of the tedious MO lawn care tasks so you can focus on the things that really matter to you. 

Contact us to learn more about our MO lawn care services. You can count on us to get the job done right.